Texas Career Development Center
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Our Texas Career Development Training Team

Here are the people you'll be glad are working for you

In addition to the many fine instructors from whom you will take classes, these individuals will be with you to help you through the journey

Dean Kothia / CEO and Talent Manager

Dean brings more than 25 years’ experience in technology and talent management to New Horizons Dallas. He is passionate about enabling organizations and individuals to meet and exceed their potential. Dean welcomes you all to New Horizons Dallas!

Dale Moon / Director of Education

Dale is an experienced and proven school administrator within the career training sector. He has 15 years’ experience in career training as an instructor and education director, and looks forward every day to helping students achieve their career dreams.

Nizam Nurani / Operations Lead

As a long-time business owner, Nizam understands the needs of customers and businesses alike. His dedication to the customer experience helps ensure the success of New Horizons Dallas’ students and clients, whether they are upskilling for their job or looking to change to a new career.

Lori Ann Tardif / Director of Marketing

Lori Ann is a marketing professional with more than 8 years of experience in both digital and traditional marketing. She also has a strong background in business development and sales support. Lori Ann is thrilled to help students succeed in their training and new careers.

Darrell McCain / Education Consultant

Darrell brings to New Horizons Dallas more than 20 years’ experience providing students with career-specific computer, technical, and applications training related to in-demand fields. Darrell is passionate about helping individuals change their lives through career development.