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Top 5 Reasons to Start a Career in IT in 2022

Lori Ann Tardif | 11 Aug, 2022 | IT Careers | Return|

5 Reasons To Start Your IT Career Path In IT with New Horizons Dallas


Looking to start a career in IT? Get your IT certification in WEEKS, not years with training from New Horizons Dallas. Here are the top 5 reasons to start a career in IT in 2022:


1.       IT Jobs are In Demand

According to the article, ‘Beyond the Numbers’ released by the U.S Bureau of Labor Statistics, the demand for IT jobs before the pandemic was predicted to increase over the next decade due to our constantly evolving digital world. COVID-19 played a major role in accelerating that demand to fill IT roles across all industries. COVID-19 essentially changed the game when remote and hybrid solutions were introduced to keep the world moving during lockdowns. Now, many companies are continuing to adapt these work settings for the long run to provide employees with flexibility and better work-life balance. Remote life opened the doors for new online businesses, e-commerce, app-based services, and corporate companies to blossom. Fast forward to the present day, what does this mean for IT Jobs? Increased demand for Information Security Analysts, Data Scientists, Developers, and Programmers.


2.      IT salaries pay well

The U.S Bureau of Labor Statistics projects these four jobs will be among the fastest-growing computer occupations over the next decade. According to Texas Occupational Employment and Wage Statistics, the median salary for these IT roles is:

1.       Information Security Analysts - $101,800

Information Security Analysts are responsible for keeping an organization’s computer systems and networks secure. On a daily basis, this job focuses on (and other job tasks):

·         The development of security best practices

·         Monitors the systems for cyberattacks and intrusions

·         Ensures successful implementation of new security products and procedures


2.       Data Scientists - $114,360

Data Scientists primarily analyze large amounts of data to develop hypotheses, analyze customers, and identify trends to help an organization make strategic decisions and solve complex problems. Data Scientists commonly use Python which is Google’s official coding language.

3.       Web Developers - $77,880

Web Developers are responsible for the development of web-based applications. In addition, they also are responsible for the site’s performance, web page optimization, maintenance, and more. This role needs to be skilled in programming languages like, but not limited to:

·         HTML

·         MySQL

·         CSS

·         JavaScript


4.       Computer Programmers - $80,950

Computer Programmers are tasked with writing code to design, develop, test, and update software. They are also involved in the maintenance and troubleshooting of systems and software. Computer Programmers also work closely with web and software developers.


3.      Job Security

The data all points to one conclusion: there is no shortage of IT jobs; the demand continues to riseCyberstates 2022 by CompTIA shows that Texas is the number one state for growth in employer job postings for tech openings. According to an article posted by Forbes, the Baby Boomer retirement wave is coming and by the year 2030, we will see an increase in opportunities for younger workers who are IT certified. In cybersecurity alone, Cybersecurity Ventures found that there will be 3.5 million openings for cybersecurity jobs in 2025. Data published by the U.S Bureau of Labor Statistics states that “employment in computer and information technology occupations is projected to grow 13% from 2022 to 2030, faster than the average for all occupations.”


4.      You Have an A+ in Soft Skills

Having soft skills along with the technical skills required for an IT job will separate you from the crowd. While you may be defending a company from cybercrimes or developing and testing software, the ability to effectively communicate both verbally and written with other team members is important. Problem-solving skills are crucial, some of the best IT jobs are geared toward solving issues that are both high and low levels of severity. Empathy and patience also play a major role in the IT world. IT jobs are not as secluded as they may seem, they do require a lot of face-to-face and phone interaction with other employees or customers who may need guidance on an issue. It is important that other members of the workforce and customers feel that they can come to you with any technical issue relating to your role. Other soft skills that are important for IT roles:

·         Customer service

·         Organization

·         Dedication

·         Creativity  


5.      Make a Difference

If you enjoy helping others, an IT career may be a great fit for you. A big part of IT careers involves creating, solving, implementing, protecting, and developing companies to help them grow. It is a rewarding job that allows you to feel satisfied when you have helped solve an issue with your technical knowledge or provided an understanding of how technology can help a person, company, or customer. For example, cybersecurity jobs make a difference every day ensuring the organization’s network is safe and secured, Web Developers turn ideas into reality, and Data Scientists can solve a company’s most complex problems.

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